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Integrated Fuse Assembly

Save Space, Time and Money with the New "Fused Battery Box". Access Multiple Fused Connections in One Easy Assembly

The VTE Integrated Fuse Assembly works with a battery box to provide a single easy solution to fused high power lines:

  • Single location for fuses and connection points
  • Battery and fuses are contained in one unit
  • Cables and wires are attached under the cover
  • MIDI fuses from 30 to 100 amp
  • MEGA fuses from 125 to 500 amp
  • Available with battery disconnect switch
  • Included cover to protect against accidental contact and inclement weather
Single location for fuses and connection points
Fuses and the battery are all in the same convenient location. Reduce the amount of fuse mounting locations throughout your application. Cables are connected from underneath the battery top, keeping cables out of the way and protected.
MIDI fuses from 30 to 100 amp - MEGA fuses from 125 to 500 amp
Midi fuse options range from 30 to 100 amp. All fuses can be tested through the included cover. Fuses can be checked and replaced without removing entire fuse assembly. Mega fuse options (2) range from 125 to 500 amp ( total max amperage: 750 amp ). Both fuse types are readily available for replacement. Fuses are physically separated from the battery.
Included cover protects and weatherproofs
Cover protects connection points from weather and accidental contact. Probe test points allow checking of each individual fuse. Actual cover color will be black, with colored indicators for underlying fuse amperage. Clear cover for illustrative purposes only.

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MEGA Fuses
MIDI Fuses

2 Mega fuses cannot exceed 750amp total
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